Charleston, SC

About Us


Eric's love of the water and fishing started when he caught his first brook trout in the mountains of Pennsylvania when he was 5 years old. He continued to fish whenever he had the chance.  After high school, Eric enlisted the US Coast Guard; he figured he loved being around the water so much, why not make a career on it. Through out his 21 years in the Coast Guard, when he was not driving small boats up and down the coast or navigating ships in the Bering Sea, he continued to fish every chance he had--the cold waters of New England, the crystal blue waters of the Florida Keys, and the pristine coastal waters, rivers and streams of Alaska. Eric's Coast Guard career brought him and his family here, to Charleston, SC where his last duty was a Federal Fisheries Law Enforcement Instructor and Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner. When Eric did find time off in the Coast Guard he started Charter fishing. Fishing out of John's Pass, Florida and Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and he commercially fished for salmon in South East Alaska.

 With his family settled here, and the great fishing in Charleston and surrounding waters throughout the low country, Eric could not stay "retired" and off the water long. Eric's passion for fishing (and sharing that passion and experience with others) and being on the water for over half his life inspired him to pursue his goal and established TRIPLE HOOK FISHING CHARTERS.
As a Coast Guard licensed captain with a 100-ton Masters endorsement, he is dedicated to ensuring you and your family have a safe and fun time on the water and take home all the great memories charter fishing in Charleston, SC can bring to the whole family.


You will enjoy your day of fishing in Charleston, SC  comfortably fishing on a  2012 locally built  22' SPORTSMAN Bay Boat. The boat's shallow draft can get you into those hard to reach areas, yet it's unique hull design can handle the bigger near shore water, all while delivering an outstanding and comfortable ride. It is Coast Guard examined and outfitted with all Coast Guard safety equipment and electronics.
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